How Bitcut helps?

Though Bitcut can store data, sort, filter and do all sorts of things you would expect of a database tool, it is essentially not about databasing. It is about understanding data, viewing them from different angles and discovering non-evident trends and tendencies. This is where Bitcut’s reporting, charts and drilldown are real remedy.

Bitcut will not do anything for you itself, nor will it show you what you want with the wave of a wand. You have to know where to look, how to organize and keep your data, and this is not always that easy. That’s why we have provided a set of small yet informative demo examples of Bitcut applications under Features section.

Currently there are demos for:

Some of the examples are based on actual Bitcut applications of our customers (upon their consent, of course) and some are our own developments. You can watch explanation tours to understand how data is organised and reported on; and then browse through real tables and reports available in the public demo account.

We hope this helps everyone understand how they can derive more from their data in Bitcut.

Sincerely yours,
The Bitcut Team

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