How to… ?

Though we try to make Bitcut as easy to use as possible, apparently it is not that intuitive. Novice users keep asking how they can do this and that. Perhaps, this is how it should be, and Bitcut, as any other feature-rich data service, requires certain explanation and training.

Anyway we have prepared a series of screencast tutorials to help everyone quickly understand Bitcut basics. All of them are rather short, so just choose a topic and we will show you to create or upload a table, how to filter it and make a report, how to export data and collaborate with other people.

Of course, the tutorials explain only basic issues, since no one really knows how to manage your data better than you. But if you think, that something you’d like to know about Bitcut is missing, don’t hesitate to point it. We will do what we can.

Sincerely yours,
The Bitcut Team

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