Third release of Bitcut

Keeping the pace with one new release per month, we are now rolling out Bitcut release 3. This time it was rather tough, as we were striving to improve table usability and layout; and when you interfere with layout, you always get a real mess of new problems invoked by layout changes, that’s for sure. The third release was no exception to this rule, so the development team was committing fixes and testing them till the last minute. Anyway, here is Bitcut release 3, and it is now definitely better than before.

First of all, we now have resizable table columns in a common drag-and-drop manner. This will help everyone keep their tables more tidy with narrower columns for numbers and wider text columns. And no more annoying ‘cut’ records that you cannot quickly read because they do not fit in a default-sized cell.

Also, cells now become editable after a single click instead of double-click.

Then, we have fixed table header so that it won’t disappear as you scroll the table down. Accordingly you won’t have to guess columns’ names trying to figure out ‘what is this data all about’.

There is now a possibility to add records via a form by clicking on ‘new’ below the table. This is really useful for populating a new table, as opposed to filling it cell by cell.

Last but not least, we’ve managed to increase application performance by approximately 20-25% due to optimized routing of database queries.

Enjoy the new release while we are looking forward to the next one.

Sincerely yours,
The Bitcut Team

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