Second release of Bitcut

The Bitcut team is proud to announce the second public release of the Bitcut service. There is only one feature added this time, but it is a major one. From now on you can create your own Bitcut accounts with tables and reports visible only for those you invite to join.

Consequently, no data is now automatically erased from your accounts. Bitcut service is now officially launched with no allowance for “demo” or “beta” status. Feel free to upload and analyze anything and don’t worry: the data will be safe.

More good news: Bitcut accounts are free. You can have up to 10 tables and as many people as you need for no charge. All you need to sign up for free is a valid e-mail and internet connection. We plan to introduce convenient paid plans for larger accounts in the near future.

By the way, we have switched Bitcut servers to faster and more reliable Internet line. Now it is going to work faster even for many users collaborating on huge tables and reports.

Have a good time with Bitcut.

Sincerely yours,
The Bitcut Team

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