Advice on uploading Excel files

Though you can make new Bitcut tables from scratch, uploading from MS Excel is a handy feature. Here are a few simple pieces of advice that explain how Bitcut handles MS Excel files. We hope this helps!

1. Place your table on the first sheet of the your Excel file, as Bitcut will only upload data from the file’s first sheet, ignoring all other sheets.

2. Don’t worry about formulas, colour mark ups or diagrams in your spreadsheet. These will also be ignored, as Bitcut will only import cell values.

3. Provide column names above all of your columns. It is not critical, as Bitcut will automatically ‘name’ columns (‘Unnamed 1′, ‘Unnamed 2′ and so forth etc), however it will save you having to go back to change your column heads after importing.

4. We recommend that you make unique column names. Again, Bitcut will have no problem uploading your spreadsheet, but you will not be able to correctly import additional records to this table. Besides, reporting on columns with same names looks rather silly.

5. Try to avoid merged Excel cells. Bitcut will parse the spreadsheet and automatically split merged cells. As a result, some of the values will be duplicated in adjacent columns and records, meaning that tables will have to be cleansed afterwards.

As a rule of thumb, try to keep your Excel data neat with the first row reserved for column names and further rows filled with data. Always make sure that there is only one value per cell.

An example of a neat table is shown below.

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