Bitcut demo release

The Bitcut Demo-mode has been released! Now everyone is welcome to come and explore what it really can do. We’ve been working hard, and rather like what we have done.

Since the application is only working in demo-mode, there are some things you can not do right now. The only real limitation is that all data that is uploaded and stored will be periodically wiped within a 24-hour period, as the database is restored to its initial state (with only the sample tables and reports). Very soon you will be able to create user accounts and save your tables – it is just a matter of waiting for Bitcuts official release date (currently scheduled for September).

In every other respect, Bitcut is fully functional. We will be tidying it up and fixing any bugs or user issues over the next month leading up to the official release date, in order to make this a more handy and useful tool for everyone.

What you can do now is upload your Excel and MS Money files (you’ll need to transform MS Money to QIF format) or create new Bitcut tables from scratch. Please be careful not to upload any confidential data just yet, as Bitcut Demo-mode is fully public, and accessible for everyone. If you have confidential or commercially sensitive data, then at this stage we would suggest you contact us to arrange for a special user account to be created. In any case, user accounts will be able to be created and customised upon Bitcut’s official release. At the moment you can play with our sample records, tables and reports, or with any non-sensitive data you have to upload. This will enable you to make a full investigation into the possibilities that Bitcut has to offer. Please do not hesitate to test everything, and do test-drive all of our reporting, features, including: charts and graphs, drilldown functions, access permissions and cross tabulations.

Please take a look through too – as we have prepared a short tour that will explain you how Bitcut works. There are also useful entries in the FAQ section and further information about Bitcut. If you feel there may be something that you don’t understand, just send us a message, and the Bitcut team will do all they can to help.

We would also appreciate any feedback you might have, and would like to hear about your experience in using Bitcut, as this will help us make it better!

Sincerely yours,
The Bitcut team

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