About Bitcut. What it is and what it can do.

Hi all. We are about to launch Bitcut – Texunatech’s web-application for data analysis. Just sign up, download your spreadsheets or create new ones and enjoy.

For those of you who prefer not to rush at it right now, I’ll say a few words about what Bitcut is and why we made it.

We have very good experience in building and implementing web-based bespoke data analysis and management software, mostly within the UK. We’ve designed our solutions mostly around the tried and tested Soltex platform, and as the world seems to become more and more Web 2.0, it turns out that we just happen to have the perfect web application to help everybody make the most of it!

When we looked around, it seemed to us that people are actually suffering from Excel as they use it to record and analyse nearly everything. Not that I ever disliked Excel - it’s a marvellous tool and it’s also about the only software I know that can do absolutely everything (even play games!). But all those hundreds of formulas, infinite menus and submenus … well they can be a real pain in the proverbial, especially if all you need is a neat database, a table, some reports and a suite of nice presentation features. Of course, these days you also need to make your data web-based in order to share it with team-mates, friends and everyone else. This is where the uppermost limits of Excel start to cramp and restrict what you can actually practically do with your data, once having obtained it.

So… we tried to make a pretty web-database app that would be pleasant and easy to work with. We also wanted it to be as flexible and powerful as possible, so as to employ it to virtually any task, no matter how large or small. And that, in a nutshell, is what Bitcut is all about.

First of all, it is totally web-based and multi-user. So you can open, view and edit anything with your mates at the same time, instead of sending comments and updates by mail. You can simultaneously edit adjacent columns and even cells without locking or having to compare or validate records.

Additionally, Bitcut stores all the changes you make, so that you can always check a record’s history, and then switch to an earlier version if so desired.

Bitcut possesses a powerful reporting attribute in its capacity to instantly drilldown from any report to the source table data, so you can slice and dice information to enhance and enlarge your perspective. This is possibly why we’ve called our application Bitcut. The idea was that it can cut your data into its tiniest bits, to obtain clarity and meticulousness…or something like that!

Well, I could write five more beatiful pages about Bitcut, its features and our future plans, but is it really worth it? You’d better check everything up for yourself.

Oh, and one last thing. If you feel that there is a feature or something you’d really like to appear in Bitcut, please let us know. We are always updating or adding something to this application, so chances are – you may end up playing a big part in the way that Bitcut evolves!

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